There are many benefits to having an outside water hose bib installed at your home. From washing outdoor yard equipment and picnic dishes to washing your dogs, there are compelling reasons to consider an outdoor temperature controlled faucet.

Outside Faucets with Hot and Cold Water

Many homeowners don’t realize there is a way to control the temperature of water outside the house. Having the option of hot water outdoors is valuable and even essential for some families. Besides making dog bathing easier, you can avoid rinsing off with cold water after being in a hot tub or heated pool in the winter. Even spraying off desks or cleaning garden tools is enhanced with hot water.

Hose Bib Features & Brands

A hose bib is a water faucet that extends out from a building. These bibs are often made so a hose can easily attach to them. Manufacturer brand names include Arrowhead Brass, Prier, Chicago Faucets, and Woodford. Over the years these faucets have added more attractive features. In addition to having hot/cold water temperature controls and a variety of finishes, some manufacturers now offer faucets that are guaranteed not to freeze. These faucets offer year-round outdoor hot and cold water, regardless of outdoor freezing temperatures.

Installation Outside Spigots

The plumbers at Morton Plumbing Heating & Cooling can install additional outdoor faucets at your home or business. Having additional faucets enhances lawn watering and other outdoor yard activities. There are certainly numerous reasons to have both hot and cold water available outside on your exterior faucets. If you have existing or newly installed outside faucets, Morton Plumbing can add a hose bib that allows you to select hot or cold water.

Benefit: Outdoor Cleaning Uses of Hot Water: Nashville Flood

Many Nashville area residents remember the flood of 2010. Rural folks with well water found themselves washing dishes in creek water or bottled water. Looking for outside sink faucets? Those too are available and have the ability to have hot and cold temperature selections outdoors. Yes, our plumbers can also install a sink outdoors if you like. That way you can wash a small dog, yard tools, or even dishes just like you would do in your kitchen sink. We are sure they recall how difficult it is to get things clean with cold water. Once we all had warm water again, we breathed a sigh of relief.

Outdoor Car & Truck Cleaning with Hot Water

Do you often feel frustrated trying to get your driveway or your car clean using only the cold water from the hose? Wouldn’t it be so much easier to be able to transform your outside faucet to dispense warm water? Removing sap and other residues off of your car would be a breeze. Many items that collect on vehicles just don’t respond to cold water. So then you are forced to carry heavy bowls or buckets from the house of hot water and that is no fun.

Hot Water Dog Baths

Having outdoor spigots has many benefits to family members, including furry ones. Think, of your pet puppy or dog. How nice will it be to have temperature controlled water for him? When he needs a bath, the last thing you want to do is drag him into the house with your pretty bathroom rugs and give him a bath. And remember how disgusting your tub looked last time you had to do that?

All of those frustrations can be things of the past.

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