Leaky pipes and faucets can cause significant damage and water loss over a very short period of time. Before homeowners have any idea there is a leak, their water bill can skyrocket into hundreds or even thousands of dollars. One faucet dripping just twice every minute can cause more than 1,000 gallons of water or more to be wasted over one three-month billing cycle. For faucets that leak a steady stream the width of a pen tip the waste can grow to 10,000 gallons or more during that same billing cycle. Morton Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has advanced leak detection equipment to identify the source of water leakage in your home or place of business.

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How to Tell if you have a Water Leak:

There a number of water leak symptoms and signs. If you see any of the following leakage signs, call your local plumber.

8 Signs of Home Water Leaks

  1. Mold and mildew, either the odor or the physical signs including dark or grey spots. Even a slight odor should be investigated as mold remediation is expensive and the costs can run into thousands of dollars.
  2. Paint or wallpaper that appears damaged or to be separating from the wall. Water disintegrates the adhesive properties of paint and wallpaper causing paint to fall off in pieces or patches of wallpaper to come loose.
  3. Walls that are warped or stained for no obvious cause is a good indication there is a leak. Drywall softens and starts to bubble, warp or break apart when it is affected by moisture.
  4. Flooring that is buckling, cracking or starting to stain for no apparent reason, it is likely there is an unseen water leak present. If caught early, single floor tiles are much less expensive to replace than the whole floor.
  5. Stains on ceilings: Any brown, copper or dark stains on the ceiling are a sign of a leak. A sagging ceiling is a sign that water from a leak is reaching the area. If you have a bathroom on a second floor, check the ceiling in the room directly beneath the bathroom for stains.
  6. Ceiling stains that are brown, copper or dark are also indications of a leak. If the ceiling is sagging, check the living space directly above for a leak.
  7. Smell: Old, accumulated water from a leaky pipe tends to smell. If, after thoroughly cleaning your restroom, you still notice a musty or earthy smell, it’s likely that you have hidden leaks. Because the water is hidden, it never has a chance to dry.
  8. Odor is also a sign of a leak. Either a mildew, musty or earthy smell may indicate that a leak is present.

The moment a leak is suspected, it is vital to contact a plumber right away. We hope you choose Morton Plumbing. Our plumbers have extensive knowledge gained from years of hands-on problem solving of leaks and other plumbing issues.

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Our plumbers can help you with the following problems:

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  • Leaking toilets
  • Frozen pipes
  • Leak detection
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